Energy Efficient Incentive Programs For Corporations

Government incentives for energy efficient programs have risen due to the ongoing drive in reducing traditional energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. These incentives are very helpful in improving building efficiency, procure ‘clean’ vehicles, put in place on-site energy sources, and install combined power and heat systems.

Buildings which are occupied between 2006 and 2013 that would undergo steps to reduce energy costs in building envelope, heating, water heating, cooling, and lighting systems can avail of tax deduction.

As this incentive for energy efficiency would have very strict requirements, components must be met before tax deduction such as cutting down at least 50% of the annual projected energy costs. Tax deduction will be at $1.80 per square foot. Lesser deductions will be given to building owners and operators who save on individual components as opposed to that which is combined. Combined heat and power is a new initiative with energy-efficient incentive for owners that install a system until the end of 2016. Upon its full operation, a 10% investment tax credit may be taken which is applicable to the first 15MW of property owned.

To avail of this incentive program for energy efficiency, there are very detailed qualifications. To be 60% efficient, the system must produce at least 20% thermal energy and 20% as electricity. Any qualifying business may take a grant within 2009 or 2010 instead of the tax credit.

Companies that buy heavy-duty hybrid vehicles ranging up to $12,000 for a vehicle over 26,000 lbs will benefit from energy-efficient incentive tax credits. These incentives include passenger vehicles and commercial products.

In lieu of the investment tax credit, business owners who implement renewable generation alternatives can take a form of grant from the US Treasury within 2009 or 2010. These are worth up to 30% of the system’s installation cost. Such installations could include solar based, geothermal heat pump based, or wind-based.

Solar systems should be capable of generating cool or heat supplied water or electricity or light up a room through the use of energy from sunlight in order to be eligible for the grant. To benefit from 30% incentive that will be deductible against tax liability, companies can install wind turbines which are not more than 100kW of ‘nameplate’ capacity.

Aside from those mentioned, there are more additional energy efficient incentive schemes that are available for companies. These incentives are related to the ‘economic stimulus legislation’ which is the initiative of the Obama administration. For the full details of the options available for your business, you may check with your tax and financial advisers.

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Energy Efficiency Savings Plan With Featured Electricity Saving Gadgets

Energy Efficiency Savings Plan

What we are going to talk about today is an Energy Efficiency Savings Plan that really works! Do you think about massive construction and upgrades to your home or apartment? Maybe you can’t get past the huge dollar signs that always seem to come with energy efficiency. Well the good news is that you don’t really have to spend allot to save allot when you go green. What you should be looking for is Electricity Saving Ideas and thinking about are Electricity Saving Gadgets!

Now yes of course some high end suggested improvements to one’s lifestyle can and would cost a considerable amount of money with today’s manufacturing levels and low supply and demand; however that really does not mean that you have no options and there are certainly plenty of cost effective avenues that you can pursue right now.

Electricity Saving Gadgets:

-Solar Powered Backpacks-

One of the coolest gadgets that one can add to their Energy Efficiency Savings Plan are solar power backpacks. The backpacks come in a variety of styles and specifications; however most are made with small solar panels stitched right into a backpack and each one has wiring that leads to the battery unit that stores the solar energy. Hailing from the best of the best when it comes to Electricity Savings Ideas; most solar backpacks come with a universal type adapter system that allows for the connection of most any small electronic device to the backpacks charging system.

Please Note: Most solar powered backpacks are not able to charge big electronic devices like a laptop, but they do sell bigger models, (more like briefcases) that can meet a laptops power requirements.

So essentially a backpack with the ability to harness the suns natural power and transfer that natural energy into most any electronic device is the best of the Electricity Saving Gadgets. This type of somewhat small investment into ones Energy Efficiency Savings Plan can really make a difference each and every month on your electric bill.

In addition to saving money on electricity with a solar powered backpack, they also provide one with a unique ability and that is the ability to leave the everyday norm and go hiking, camping, fishing or more and still have all the power they need strapped comfortably right to their back!

-Solar Powered Chargers-

Of all the different Electricity Saving Gadgets solar powered chargers are most similar to the backpacks, but instead of being so large and bulky; these products usually come in the form of small handheld solar harnessing devices. Chargers typically come with a limited power capability; however the output is usually good enough to charge traditional cell phones, smart phones, iPods and more. Now that’s one of the good Electricity Savings Ideas!

Ideal for small applications and portability, solar powered chargers offer a custom flexibility when in situations that don’t allow for allot of carryon. No good Energy Efficiency Savings Plan is complete with adequate portability. From rock climbing to white water rafting, a solar charging unit can keep up with your everyday small electrical needs.

Additional Electricity Saving Gadgets:

Some other green upgrades that one can make for little investment would be actually buying your electronic products already with the solar harnessing technology or the like already inside! There are a variety of different alternative powering options available other than solar; including physical powered electronic devices and more. Here are some additional electricity saving gadgets:

-Hybrid Powered Flashlights – A mix of power from solar harnessing and physical harnessing.
-Solar Powered Spotlights – Powered by the sun.
-Solar Powered Sound Systems – Powered by the sun.
-Hybrid Powered Radios – A mix of power from solar harnessing and physical harnessing.

With technology moving so fast and man’s desire to go green moving just as fast one really needs to conduct some research into what is really available out there in the market and due diligence will always yield the best going green deals!

Energy Efficiency Savings Plan In Review

A good and solid Energy Efficiency Savings Plan is one that incorporates many different Electricity Savings Ideas and utilizes just as many different Electricity Saving Gadgets. From solar powered backpacks and chargers to physical powered flashlights and radios; the future is closer than one may have thought before reading this article.

Be smart in your shopping practices because the only true way to achieve energy efficiency on a global scale is to make these cool new gadgets the everyday norm for you, your family and your friends. Spread the word of what you have learned, because a solar powered backpack today may lead to a solar powered car in the future.

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Energy Efficient HVAC Solutions For Your Home

Everywhere you look people are looking for green solutions or are “going green”. There is a valid reason for this, whether you’d like to believe in global warming or not. First, we must think of renewable energy sources. With oil prices going up and supplies running lower and lower each year, finding an alternative to gas for heating your home, water, etc. is important. Then, there is always your carbon footprint you have to worry about. How many toxins are you releasing into the atmosphere when using certain types of HVAC systems? To some, this is an important factor in their HVAC equipment decision. For those who care about these types of issues, the HVAC industry has come a long way in finding alternative eco-friendly solutions. There are now several options that you have when looking for environmentally friendly HVAC equipment.

Hybrid Heat Pumps – Hybrid heat pumps are a combination of traditional heating pumps and gas furnaces. They are highly efficient systems that, by blending two already efficient systems, allow you the best of both worlds. Traditional heat pumps work well in warmer weather, but lose their efficiency in colder weather. That is the beauty of the hybrid heat pump: when the heating pump begins to lose its efficiency, the gas furnace turns on to supplement the work that needs to be done. The system itself will automatically adjust for optimal efficiency, by toggling between the two heating sources to figure out the most efficient combination.

Solar Heating Systems – Solar heating systems are a great fossil fuel alternative. These systems are powered by the sun’s energy, and therefore the operational costs are very low. Though the installation fees can be somewhat expensive, the system often pays for itself in less than 5 years. These systems are used to heat water (i.e. bathing water, water for a radiant heat system, pool water, etc.), and can often provide up to 80% of your home’s hot water.

Radiant Floor Heating – One of the more popular eco-friendly HVAC systems, radiant flooring works by funneling hot water through pipes/tubes located in your flooring. The floors get warmed, and because heat rises, it begins to circulate through the room/house. On the downside, because the tubing has to be installed in your flooring, radiant floor heating is usually recommended for new construction and major remodeling. Another positive aspect of radiant floor heating, that you usually cannot obtain through traditional HVAC equipment, is the fact that the floors are warmed. Imagine being able to walk across your tiled bathroom or kitchen floor with bare feet and the floors being toasty warm to the touch.

Ground Source Heat Pumps (Geothermal Heating and Cooling) – These energy-efficient systems are inexpensive to install and have low operational costs. Piping is installed in the ground near or under your house. Then, water (or antifreeze) is funneled through these pipes and this water either heats or cools your home. The system works off of the inherent, and pretty constant, temperature in the soil, which is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The soil will either heat or cool the water in the pipes, which in turns heats or cools your house.

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Do You Want to Be More Energy Efficient?

Want to save money with money saving tips? It’s easy to save money in these tough economic times. Do you want to learn more on how to accomplish that?

Maybe you already have started with a few ideas and you’re looking for some more to do your part in making a better more Energy Efficient world. At the same time reducing your “footprint” on the environment and put money back into your pocket. It seems lately all we hear about is how we all should be going Green. Lets take a look at a few ways to accomplish this and at the same time putting some of that hard earned cash back into your pocket instead of throwing it out the window.

Lately, more and more products are being made Energy Efficient. Lets start off with a few easy ones such as our light bulbs, household appliances, building materials and a big one right now with skyrocketing fuel prices; our cars!

You’ve already heard about how we should be replacing those old incandescent light bulbs with the newer alternative Compact Fluorescent Lamps. For now the Compact Fluorescent is better on your pocket book and a good Energy Efficient alternative. What they don’t tell you is how to dispose of those Compact Fluorescent Lamps or any Fluorescent lamp for that matter. Do you just throw it in the trash? Heck no! You should not throw them in your trash. It’s bad for our environment. Have you ever replaced a lamp only to break it in the process? A Compact Fluorescent Lamp poses a problem, there is mercury vapor in it. You need to be careful with replacement and disposal. This is why we are starting to see the dawn of the LED lamp. LED is quite a bit more expensive right now but we should start to see the price drop as more people become educated on the dangers that are present with Compact Fluorescents. The LED does have a longer life and you don’t have to worry about harming the environment or yourself by inhaling the mercury vapor, should you happen to break a lamp. Contact your local department of sanitation office for a fluorescent disposal location.

Our household appliances are catching on as well. We are already able to purchase better Energy Efficient refrigerators, washers, dryers, freezers, toasters, blenders and the list goes on and on. There are a number of ways to reduce your consumption of energy with these newer products. What about your air conditioner, your water heater and your furnace? These are huge energy users and there are easy ways to reduce their energy consumption as well.

The materials we use in building our homes have caught on too. Have you checked your windows? We lose almost half of our heat through our windows and doors. There are things you can do to stop this loss; the first being to replace them for better built ones and you will receive a tax credit for doing just that. There is more you can do here to save yourself some of your cash.

Even with our cars there is a need to reduce fuel consumption and with the new Hybrids coming out we are accomplishing this. There are new ways out right now that will make even the Hybrids more efficient.

There are also products being made that can and will make more homes less dependent on the power grid. Such as Wind Turbines and making a come back in a huge way is Solar Energy.

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Energy-Efficient HVAC Solutions For Your Home – Heating and Cooling Green

In today’s environmentally conscious world, everyone wants to do their part for a more sustainable future. But it’s hard to know what you can do to limit your impact on the planet. One of the easiest and most eco-friendly choices is to install an energy-efficient heating and cooling system in your home for dramatically reduced energy usage. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the lower energy consumption of these heating systems will also help you save big bucks on your bills! In fact, some Energy Star rated HVAC systems can save you up to 30% on heating and cooling.

Solar Heating Systems

Solar heating systems are a great hot water heating solution that’s eco-friendly and has extremely low operating costs. These systems can provide up to 80% of your home’s hot water for major energy cost savings. Used to heat hot water, pools, and water for radiant heating, solar heating systems harness the free energy of the sun. And, although solar hot water heating can be expensive to install, it usually pays for itself in less than five years (in reduced energy bills and government incentives). Once the equipment is paid off, you have almost zero operating costs.

Hybrid Heat Pumps

Hybrid heat pumps are efficient combinations of gas furnaces and traditional heat pumps; blending two energy-efficient systems allows this hybrid to get the best of both worlds! Heat pumps function quite efficiently during warm months, but at cold temperatures they typically lose their effectiveness. Hybrid heat pumps work like a hybrid vehicle, turning on the gas furnace when necessary to supplement the efficiency of the heat pump. Switching between the two heat (and cooling) sources allows the system to automatically adjust for optimal function.

Ground Source Heat Pumps (Geothermal Heating and Cooling)

Ground source heat pumps are among the most efficient heating and cooling options on the market today. They’re eco-friendly as well as inexpensive. This specialized type of heat pump utilizes the relatively constant temperature of ground to heat your home in winter and cool it in summer. A loop of piping is installed in the ground near or under your house, and liquid (antifreeze or water) flowing through the loop heats or cools your home depending on the season. In summer, the soil is relatively cool, so it chills the liquid, which in turn cools your home; in winter, the soil is warmer, heating the liquid. Ground source heat pumps are a completely safe method of heating and cooling your home with a renewable alternative to fossil fuels. They can even reduce your home heating costs by up to 70%!

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant heating is another environmentally-friendly heating solution that has gained popularity in recent years. Radiant heat functions by circulating heated water through pex tubing in your flooring. This warms the floor and radiates heat throughout your space as the warmth from the flooring rises. Because the tubing must be installed under the flooring, radiant floor heating is recommended for new construction or during major remodels. However, despite the expense and hassle of installation, many homeowners love the energy-efficiency and great tactile experience of radiant heating. Just imagine walking across a toasty-warm floor instead of icy cold tile! Radiant heat can be used as a whole house heating system or installed in individual rooms (commonly kitchens and bathrooms).

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